Mother Jones

Doug Elkins

Disenfranchisement. The bitter truth: the real people in power here in America and abroad simply could give a ‘f…’ about anybody’s interest but their own. Companies like Monsanto continue to poison the world, the financial systems that gutted the world economy continue to thrive, etc. The guilty go unpunished. The huddled masses continue to huddle. My bleeding liberal heart is sickened -- can someone please heal my Mother Jones?
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  1. Mother Jones

21st Century Blues

Doug Elkins

Back towards the end of last century, I wrote a song called the "20th Century Blues" for my band Petting Zoo. It wasn't much of a song - just a funky riff and a chorus (or was it a verse?) that went "It's the 20th century blues, uh huh". I never recorded it or even really finished it. We would play it live because it had a funky groove and would get people moving -- it just wasn't much of a song.

Anyway, fast-forward a whole bunch of years and somehow the idea that sparked the song that was never much of a song is finally is getting its due. TBH, there really isn't all that much that is similar in the two songs except the title, the key it's in and that line 'It's the ___ Century Blues"

A different century, but still plenty to sing the blues about.

'Anyway, I love you... let's get this right!'
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